ideas for creating an outdoor living space

ideas for creating an outdoor living space

Beyond The Basic Rec Room: Interesting Ways To Use A Finished Basement

by Kyle Brown

A finished basement provides the opportunity for even a small home to add a little extra space. Modern materials like waterproofing membranes that hold out moisture from wet walls, and concrete paints that can be tinted in a myriad of shades, make it affordable to have even dark, seldom used spaces suddenly come to life. What to do with them may be the biggest challenge. Here are a few ideas for making basements into something special.

Build a School Room

Mothers of preschoolers or homeschool families can finally have a real classroom space all their own. For little ones, it can give them the chance to have a play space that can double as a learning area to help them get ready for the years ahead. Homeschool students can have a dedicated study area that makes it easy to separate home life from school life, something that can be challenging if classes are normally held around the dining room table. Install shelves to create a private library and put in craft tables and a classroom area, complete with chalkboard or whiteboard.

Create a Roomy Pantry

If a kitchen remodel is planned, consider redoing the basement at the same time to create a spacious pantry with room for everything. Store away seasonal cookware and dishes, like Thanksgiving platters or Christmas dishes, along with the overstock of food purchased in bulk. This will free up kitchen space to make it easy to access the items used every day without needing to get rid of anything that is still useful.

Start a New Business

Basements are a wonderful spot for an at-home business opportunity. For basements with an exterior door, any type of business can be considered, because clients can come and go without needing to be in the private areas of the home. Open a yoga studio, save money by giving up an office lease and running an accounting business at home or lease the space to someone else who needs their own office. Even those rooms that are only accessible from inside the home can still be used for a roomy home office or running an online business.

Display a Private Collection

Attics are frequently filled with collectibles that people cannot bear to part with, but do not want to leave in a formal living area. Because a basement is private to the family and invited guests, home owners can feel more comfortable about displaying their items where they can finally appreciate them. Haul out those old salt and pepper shakers, dust off the crates of stuffed elephants or display that bumper sticker collection with pride.

No matter how impossible it may seem to finish an old basement, call a contractor to find out what can be done. It may require less work than expected, and the finished space will be a much cleaner and healthier area that may improve air quality throughout the home. Mold remediation and waterproofing are important steps, but once done there are limitless possibilities with how the new space can be used. To get your basement finished, talk to a professional like Hopley Builders Inc.


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ideas for creating an outdoor living space

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