ideas for creating an outdoor living space

ideas for creating an outdoor living space

  • 3 Signs You Need Basement Mold Remediation

    The presence of mold can strike fear into a homeowner's heart, especially if it is situated in a place that is easy to ignore, such as a basement. Since mold may have been growing for weeks, months, or even years, you never know what kind of issue you will come across. Here are three signs you need basement mold remediation. 1. Your Basement Smells Does your basement smell musty whenever you head downstairs?

  • Insulating Your Garage: What You Need To Know

    Having an attached garage on your home can be very convenient. On rainy days, being able to park your car in the garage saves you from having to step out into the rain. On snowy days, keeping your car in the garage can also prevent snow and ice from accumulating on your vehicle. And of course, an attached garage gives you a convenient place to store your lawn equipment, sporting gear, and other miscellaneous items.

  • Designing A Home For Your Growing Family? 4 Features You Need To Include

    If you're designing a custom home for your growing family, you want to include features that will make life easier for you. Of course, you'll want to include plenty of cabinets throughout the house and kid-friendly flooring. However, you'll also want to go beyond that, especially where the extras are concerned. Here are just four additional features you'll want to include in the designs for your new home.  Central Vacuum

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ideas for creating an outdoor living space

Do you enjoy spending time outdoors? Do you struggle to have enough space to hold family dinners with all of your extended family? If so, it is time to consider adding an outdoor living space to your home. Something as simple as a furnished patio can make your life a little more enjoyable. You could even go all out like I did and have a full outdoor kitchen installed. During the summer, I never use the kitchen inside my home. I am always outside cooking dinner, baking goodies and spending time in the fresh air. To get a few ideas about how to design your outdoor living space, go to my site.