ideas for creating an outdoor living space

ideas for creating an outdoor living space

3 Signs You Need Basement Mold Remediation

by Kyle Brown

The presence of mold can strike fear into a homeowner's heart, especially if it is situated in a place that is easy to ignore, such as a basement. Since mold may have been growing for weeks, months, or even years, you never know what kind of issue you will come across. Here are three signs you need basement mold remediation.

1. Your Basement Smells

Does your basement smell musty whenever you head downstairs? While many people overlook bad smells figuring it's musty because the space isn't used heavily, the presence of mold is difficult to ignore. The smell may be reminiscent of old, wet laundry that has gone unchanged, or it might smell earthy. Some people even describe the smell like rotten wood. 

Pay attention to how the smells change as you move down the stairs in your home towards your basement. If you can tell that something is different about the scents in that space, have a professional come to check for problems. 

2. You Notice Discoloration

Anytime you notice discoloration on carpet, paint, or walls, it could be mold. Some molds are green, blue, black, or even brown, and typically have a spotted appearance. Many molds grow in circular patterns, so be on the lookout for spots. If you notice discoloration, avoid the urge to clean it yourself. 

Some molds can be dangerous. For instance, mucormycosis is a condition some people get when they breathe in certain mold spores, and it can destroy the structures of the face. Other molds can cause upper respiratory problems or rashes, so keep your distance. 

3. Mold Tests Come Up Positive

If you aren't sure about the presence of mold in your basement, you can always pick up a mold test. These simple, DIY testing tools make it easy to take a swab of whatever you suspect of having mold, send it in, and test it for mold spores. When testing for mold, be careful not to rub the area too aggressively since this could release spores into the air. Additionally, test multiple locations if you can to see if mold is growing in other places. 

Anytime you are struggling with what you think is mold, it is important to hire a professional remediation team. These professionals can help you with every aspect of your mold problem, from diagnosis to quick restoration. Remember, since mold can be deadly and dangerous to your health and your pet's health, it's never a good idea to take chances. If you think you need help with basement mold remediation, contact a contractor in your area.


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ideas for creating an outdoor living space

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