ideas for creating an outdoor living space

ideas for creating an outdoor living space

Temperature Near Freezing But You Still Want To Do A Concrete Project? Try These Suggestions

by Kyle Brown

Concrete projects can still be done even when the days are colder. However, if you plan to undertake such a project, you'll need to make sure you do the following so that the project can go well and you aren't disappointed by the results.

Check the Warmth of the Ground

The only thing that may delay you from moving forward with a concrete project once temperatures drop is brittle, frozen soil. Concrete may settle and dry, or cure and be as smooth as glass until temperatures start to rise again and the soil underneath the concrete starts to shift. You might start to see cracks in the concrete. To check the temperature of the soil, the easiest thing is of to attempt to dig into the soil and see if that's possible. Another idea is to use a soil thermometer at different spots in the area of your proposed project.

If the ground is indeed frozen, while that might cause a delay, you may still be able to continue if you're doing a small project such as a concrete pad or walkway. You can set electric curing blankets on top of the area where you want to work and keep them on for a few hours or days and see if the ground thaws enough to proceed.

Seek Out Low Concentrations of H20 in the Mix

It's smart to realize that some of the concrete mixtures on the market have such a high water content that the concrete in your pad, walkway or other project will end up freezing instead of being allowed to dry fully. Seek out lower water concentrations to avoid that. To help the concrete dry even faster, before the water starts to freeze, enlist the help of a chemical accelerator product that can be mixed in to make drying quicker. Just do your work quickly so that the concrete doesn't end up dry before you're done with it.

Cover the Concrete

Just as you use tarps to protect the drying concrete in the summer, tarps are needed to keep the concrete safe from the snow and rain that may start to fall. The tarps also provide some insulation. Electric curing blankets are also a good idea.

Working on a concrete project can sometimes be done no matter what time of year it is. Apply the information you have learned here to get your project going; if you need more help or have questions, work with a  concrete service company near you, like Claggett & Sons Inc.


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ideas for creating an outdoor living space

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