ideas for creating an outdoor living space

ideas for creating an outdoor living space

Two Exciting Modern Roof Materials

by Kyle Brown

If you have enough money to afford roof replacement, it can be a very effective residential upgrade. Of course, it can cost a lot of money to replace your roofing, but modern products have a ton of features and improved performance that make it a worthwhile investment. There are probably a lot of modern features and products that weren't even around when your roof material was initially installed.

Even in just the last 10 years, certain products and styles have come to the forefront of the roofing industry. This article explains a few of the best modern roofing product solutions for homeowners who want eco-friendliness, energy efficiency, and great performance from their roof.

Recycled Roofing Products

Many buyers are very attracted to the modern recycled products that are now available in so many styles. These products are produced with minimum environmental impact. They are usually created out of certain by-products and recycled materials that are sustainably sourced. Recycled products usually have similar performance and price tags to normal roofing shingles. Being able to have a product that is eco-friendly not only gives homeowners peace of mind, but it might also enable them to qualify for certain tax deductions or rebates. Check your local government website to see what type of incentives they have for investing in eco-friendly roofing materials.

Solar Roofing Tiles

Solar tiles are perhaps the most exciting development in the roofing industry. Basically, these are tiles that have connectors that enable them to be connected to a power converter. Basically, they can work just like solar panels, but they look just like normal roof shingles. These are still being developed, and many manufacturers are working on perfecting the technology. Nonetheless, these can be very exciting for homeowners who are looking for a way to greatly reduce their utility bills and make their home much greener.

Since they are so new and are still under development by many manufacturers, solar tiles are still a little expensive. But, they are only going to become more and more affordable as time goes by. On top of this, they are bound to become more effective, with impressive conversion rates and improved style options. In the future, it is possible that many homes in America will have some sort of solar roofing tile.

You might even be able to find solar roofing tiles that are made out of recycled materials. Contact a company that offers residential solar roofing services to learn more.


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ideas for creating an outdoor living space

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