ideas for creating an outdoor living space

ideas for creating an outdoor living space

Preparing To Undertake A Kitchen Remodeling Project For Your Home

by Kyle Brown

Remodeling your kitchen will present you with an opportunity to create the perfect space for cooking while also providing you with the benefit of increasing your home's value. Unfortunately, there are many people that might not be completely aware of the types of upgrades that can be included in a kitchen remodeling project, and this can lead to them failing to achieve the best results when remodeling this essential part of the home.

Use An Island To Make A Larger Work Area

Limited countertop space is one of the most common complaints that people may have about their kitchen. Not surprisingly, this can be an extremely disruptive problem for those who must regularly cook large meals. While it might seem like adding more counter space will be difficult, the addition of an island will make it easy to trade floor space for more countertops.

Incorporate Recess Lighting

Being able to see clearly is vital when you are cooking. Otherwise, it will be difficult to tell if food is done cooking and is properly seasoned, or it can even make finding cooking utensils harder then necessary. Adding more light to the kitchen can make it easier to see what you are doing while you are cooking. However, intense overhead lighting may not always make this better as it can lead to strong shadows that may cover the countertops. Adding recess lighting can subtly increase the lighting while keeping the shadows to a minimum.

Improve Ventilation

An improperly ventilated kitchen can be prone to having smoke and odors accumulate in it. Unfortunately, this can lead to these smells spreading throughout the rest of the house. To reduce the smoke and odors from cooking, the kitchen's ventilation should be enhanced. This can be done with the addition of new vents, fans, and ducting. While this can be a major part of your remodeling project, it can substantially increase your comfort while cooking meals.

Include Fire Safety Measures

The kitchen is one of the areas of the house that will be at the greatest risk of suffering fire damage. Whether it is due to mishaps when cooking, electrical failures, or other sources, it is important to include safety measures to help reduce the threat of a kitchen fire. At a minimum, this should include the installation of smoke detectors as well as the placement of fire extinguishers that are rated for use on grease fires. Including these elements in your remodeling design will make it easier to quickly respond when a kitchen fire starts in your home.


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ideas for creating an outdoor living space

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