ideas for creating an outdoor living space

ideas for creating an outdoor living space

Struggling To Justify The Expected Cost Of Replacing Your Existing Heating System? Valid Points To Consider

by Kyle Brown

Making the decision to move forward with an expensive home improvement project can be difficult, even when completing the project would offer important benefits, like the increased comfort that a new heating system could offer. Homeowners in this situation, who are currently dealing with an older furnace or one that is no longer reliable, may be guilty of thinking that they could save more money by holding off on heating replacement for just one more season. If you know that your current heating system needs to be replaced but are still struggling to move forward due to concerns about the cost, here are some valid reasons for replacing your furnace now, instead of later. 

Monthly savings on utility costs

One of the first things homeowners notice when replacing their heating system is lower monthly utility bills. Over the course of a year, a new, high-efficiency furnace can result in hundreds of dollars of savings on heating fuel and electricity costs. In fact, many families find that they can set their thermostats one or more degrees lower in winter after replacing their heating system while still enjoying a comfortable home. New, high-efficiency furnaces offer increased air movement along with improved temperature and humidity control to enhance interior comfort. 

Reduced need for repairs 

Homeowners who are paying frequent HVAC repair bills to keep an older heating system working should consider applying that money to the installation cost of a new heating system. In addition to saving on the cost of frequent HVAC repair bills, these homeowners will also be less likely to experience uncomfortable emergency situations related to a loss of heat, including the potential for plumbing damage due to frozen pipes.

Possible reduction of home insurance premiums

Part of the cost of replacing an existing home heating system with a new, high-efficiency model may even come in the form of reduced home insurance premiums. Insurance companies understand the potential dangers an aging HVAC system can cause, including an increased risk of fire, so many of them offer reduced premium rates for policyholders who choose to install new heating systems. 

Improved health 

If the home includes anyone with allergies or respiratory issues, replacing an aging heating system may even offer important health benefits. Many new heating systems include humidifiers and special filtration options to improve air quality inside the home and offer increased comfort for occupants. 

To learn more about the benefits of replacing your heating system now, instead of attempting to wait another year, take time to discuss your situation with a heating installation contractor in your area. 


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ideas for creating an outdoor living space

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