ideas for creating an outdoor living space

ideas for creating an outdoor living space

Top Three Things New Homeowners Need To Know About Roofing

by Kyle Brown

Buying your first home can feel like an adventure. There are good days, great days, and times you wish you knew a little more about what to expect. This is especially the case when it comes to your roof. New homeowners often simply leave the roof alone until something bad happens. However, if you take the time to learn a little more about your roof, you'll be better able to care for it and detect early signs of damage. On that note, here are three things new homeowners need to know about roofing.

Leaks are not always caused by missing shingles.

Missing shingles are one cause of leaks, but they are not the only cause. Water can leak in around popped nails, under lifted shingles, or beneath the metal sheets, known as flashing, that line your roof's valleys. If you look up at the roof and see all the shingles in place after a big storm, don't just assume there are no leaks. Check the attic for drops of water, too.

Algae growth isn't worrisome, but moss is.

In moist climates, it is really common for roofs to develop black streaks. These streaks are due to algae growth on the roof. They can be ugly, and if they bother you, then you can hire a roofing company to come to remove them. However, the algae do not really cause any roof damage and it's perfectly fine to leave it alone if its look doesn't bother you. Moss, on the hand, can really damage your roof and cause shingles to deteriorate. Have it professionally removed to prevent additional damage. Do not try to power wash it away as this may do more harm than good.

Gutters protect your roof.

Gutters exist to protect your roof from water and ice damage, but they need to be clear in order to work. As such, the most important roof maintenance you should be doing is cleaning your gutters twice a year. Do this once in the spring and again in the fall. If your gutters are often clogging, then you may want to:

  • Trim back any trees that overhang them.
  • Have gutter guards installed over your gutters.
  • Clean your gutters more often.

Knowing these three things about roofing will help keep your home in better shape overall. As you grow more experienced as a homeowner, you will continue to learn more about roofs and your home's other components.


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ideas for creating an outdoor living space

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