ideas for creating an outdoor living space

ideas for creating an outdoor living space

Learn About Your Siding Options Before Making Your Buying Choice

by Kyle Brown

Installing new siding is a job for a residential siding specialist. You want the work to be done perfectly so your home is protected from the weather and moisture. Residential siding specialists are also helpful when you need advice on the right siding for your home taking your budget and climate into account. Here are things to discuss with a siding specialist before you choose and install new siding.

Siding That Insulates Your Home Best 

Wood siding and insulated vinyl siding both have fairly high R-values that let you know they are good for insulation. However, your siding contractor might explain that quality installation is what makes the most difference.

If your contractor uses house wrap and puts on rigid foam insulation, the energy efficiency of your home increases. Plus, if necessary, you can have insulation blown between your walls so your walls have superior insulation.

You don't have to pass up your favorite type of siding since there are ways of adding insulation no matter what type of siding you buy so your home is as energy-efficient as possible.

Siding That Has Low Maintenance And Beauty

Beauty is a personal thing, but many homeowners opt for vinyl siding for their homes. Vinyl is a popular choice since it is attractive and it doesn't need much care. If you're having trouble deciding on the type of siding to buy, you can't really make a bad choice with vinyl. You can buy budget vinyl if you don't have a lot of money to spend, or you can choose high-quality vinyl and get more years of life from the siding.

Vinyl siding might crack due to impact or frigid temperatures, but a cracked panel can be repaired or replaced fairly easily. You don't have to paint the siding. Instead, you can wash the exterior of your home every year or so and keep the siding in great shape.

Best Siding For An Upscale Home

Choosing siding for a luxury home can be challenging. If you'll have luxury roofing too, you want siding and roofing that work well together. The choice you make could depend on your climate. Stucco might be a good choice in a warm, dry climate, and brick might be good in a northern climate.

However, don't overlook vinyl. It's popular even for luxury homes since it comes in different colors, and it can even be made to look like wood. If you like the appearance of wood siding, you may want real wood instead, since it is a quality siding material. A residential siding specialist can help you match the best type and color of siding to your home's architecture and color theme so your home has great curb appeal.

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ideas for creating an outdoor living space

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