ideas for creating an outdoor living space

ideas for creating an outdoor living space

Concrete Flatwork Projects

by Kyle Brown

Concrete flatwork materials are hardscaping pavers that are designed to lay horizontally against a flat section of land. Flatwork designs offer consistency, style, and longevity. Flatwork is often used to construct garage floors, driveways, patios, and steps.

Contractor Services

A general contractor who provides flatwork services may offer a line of concrete slabs or wet concrete mixes and molds that can be used to install a new paved feature. Flatwork often requires an excavation process, drainage system installations, and the alignment of concrete slabs or molds. Flatwork designs are consistent in nature. This means that a finished product will contain an even thickness throughout and will contain textures and colors that are compatible.

A contractor may offer slab products, fresh mixes, or a combination of the two of them. A property owner should request a bid for the upgrade they are seeking. Then they may want to compare the cost and style of flatwork against the brickwork, natural stone, and other hardscaping materials.

Benefits And Enhancements

If one large slab of concrete is going to be used to install a new patio, a property owner will not need to worry about unattractive weed growth that often becomes problematic when brick pavers or similar pavement products are aligned next to one another. A singular slab will provide a sturdy platform that can be used for outdoor activities. If a property owner is interested in a fancier type of flatwork, they may choose to have several concrete slabs installed in a grid formation.

A contractor can use a grout product to seal joints that run between the concrete sections. The joint material will help stabilize the flatwork and will prevent weed growth or water accumulation. A contractor may use various techniques to enhance the materials that will be used for a flatwork project.

A consumer can choose concrete sections that are of various thicknesses and shapes. They can choose concrete products that have been enhanced with a coloring agent or that have brush marks added to them or that have undergone another texturization process. The location of the flatwork and the manner in which it will be used may influence a property owner's decision to purchase concrete products that have been enhanced.

Concrete is a weather-resistant product and may last longer than thinner paving products that are constructed of inferior building materials. A cohesive layout may consist of several flatwork surfaces that are located within eye view of one another. Reach out to a company like JMS Landscaping & Construction LLC to find out more.


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ideas for creating an outdoor living space

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