ideas for creating an outdoor living space

ideas for creating an outdoor living space

Installing A Pergola On Your Property

by Kyle Brown

Installing a pergola on your property can be a landscaping upgrade that will provide your family with a pleasant area to spend time outside. When you are designing a pergola to add to your property, there are many design choices that will have to be made in order to provide the results that you want.

The Type Of Floor Or Platform Under The Pergola

The type of floor or platform that is under the pergola is one consideration that will play a major role in determining the experience that you have using this space. For example, some individuals may prefer a more basic area under the pergola that is essentially just dirt or mulch. However, others may prefer to have a base under the pergola that is paved or even raised.

The Amount Of Sunlight The Pergola Will Let Pass Through

One reason that individuals may be attracted to the idea of adding a pergola to their property is that it can be an option that will provide you with an area that is partially shaded. When designing the pergola, you will want to decide on the amount of light and shade that you are wanting in this space as this will determine both the number and the placement of the beams on the top of the pergola. A professional pergola design and installation service will be able to assist you with understanding the type of pattern that is needed to provide the results that you are wanting.

The Color Of The Pergola

Another design factor to consider with your pergola is its color. In particular, you may want to prefer to choose a pergola that is light in color. Pergolas that are darker can absorb much more heat from the sun, which can cause the space under them to be warmer than a person may have expected. Additionally, this space can remain uncomfortably warm for some time after the sun sets due to the pergola radiating the heat that it has absorbed during the day. Due to these realities, individuals will often choose to install a white or otherwise light-colored pergola.

Whether You Will Want Vines And Other Plants Growing On It

A common feature that people may want for their pergola is to have vines and other plants growing on it. This can enhance both the shade that this space offers along with its overall attractiveness. If you want to add plants to your pergola, you will have to be mindful to choose materials that will not be damaged by these plants. For example, wood may be vulnerable to moisture damage due to the water that these plants may trap against it.

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ideas for creating an outdoor living space

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